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Was working from home all day today so i decided to put on some light TV……….. Small Jhon had previously recommended Californication to me saying that it was very funny and he wasn’t wrong…………… The main gut is played by David Duchovny who is a writer that cant write anymore since someone made a film out of one of his novels as he thinks he turned it to shit! He ends up sleeping with so many women without having to make any effort what so ever, If only real life was like that. Its a good show and i watched the first 6 episodes in one sitting (whilst working of course!). It reminds me of Studio 60 a bit, the writing is very clever and witty and some very nice expressions are used my favourite being “A morning of awkwardness is far worse than a night of loneliness”

Played COD4 with DJAd, Blonde Dan and Lithgow……….. What an amazing game, Were all on the same team and did Team Deathmatch, Lith got really angry with me cos i just kept laying on the floor waiting for people to come past and then flopping a load of bullets in their backs! He has anger management issues!

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