The Power Of The N95

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Stace went shopping this morning and got our usual newspaper to read for the weekend. On the back of one of the catalogues was a picture that made me chuckle no end……….. I MMS’d it to DJAd but apparently he didn’t get it…………. Shame!We took Jake up to Hilly Fields so that he could run around and do what ever he wanted plus he got to flex out on the slide which he does love! Managed to try and be a bit arty with my phone and came up with these shots…………… I’m quite impressed even if i do say so myself!

Sleeping Mantis

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DJAd stopped over because we were going to a jolly boys outing to Blackpool for the annual digital fourms bash and we were leaving relatively early (early for Adam anyway!). He was asleep on the sofa obviously and i managed to get a snap………… He reminds me of a Preying Mantis unfolding his legs so that he can devour his prey with the greatest of ease! What a batty!


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Carlos Tevez has just scored his first goal for Man Utd against Chelsea of all teams…………. Not a good week for them! He’s ever such a good looking chap inst he!