Dr Who?

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Off on my holiday to Prague tomorrow so went to Auntie Susan’s so that Jake can settle in before we fly off for 4 days. He enjoyed himself on the whole and liked playing with Shane’s toys. Sue and Stacey gave Jacob a bath and when he got out Stace dried him with a Manchester United towell so i text Christopher a picture of it………….. He replied saying that Jacob was barred when he got back!

Went and had a butchers at Small Jhons new gaff today with Big Phil & Debs, He’s got himself a right little bargain there, 400 notes a month for 3 bedrooms, a garage and a shed. There was a little conservatory too but it smelt a little pungent!!

The new series of Dr Who started this evening and it was pretty cool. His new assistant is actually quite fit………… I for one most certainly would!

Early night tonight as we have to get up double bastartd early to drive to the airport………. Great! We might meet Pat and Gill for breakfast if theres time though which might be nice.

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