Lock Down

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It was my turn for a lie in today so Stace got up with Jake and got him ready to go swimming as soon as the pool opened at 8:30, They said their goodbyes and i settled down for a morning of kip……………. About 2 minutes after then walking out of the front door there was a banging at the door like someone was trying to break in and rob all of my lovely technology! Closer inspection revealed that it wasn’t a burglar at all, It was Stacey. When i answered i could tell that she was obviously in a panic about something and Jacob wasn’t with her so i asked what had happened, She explained that she had strapped Jake in his car seat and as always left her car keys on the front passenger seat, What doesn’t usually happen is that when she closes the door that the car locks………… She has no idea how this happened but “it just did”. We searched around for the spare key that we knew we were given when we bought it but naturally we couldn’t locate it. Meanwhile Jacob was locked in the car and strapped in his car seat so couldn’t move at all………….. He got bored of waiting and decided to go to sleep until the mess was sorted out!! After much arguing about why the key wasn’t in a safe place where it was easy to find Stacey decided to see how much a locksmith would be. A quick google search later and a couple pf phone calls she was looking at a £300 bill for leaving her keys on the front seat!! A few more phone calls later she got a price of £90 and the geezer said that he would be here in about an hour and a half………….. We just hoped Jake would stay asleep for that long! The man opposite was in his garden pottering about and said to Stace “You do realise your baby is in there didn’t you”? She flipped at him and told him that she wasn’t coming out every 5 minutes for the good of her health. The locksmith arrived and within 2 minutes of him getting out of his motor the door was opened and Jacob was awake……………… That has to be the easiest money in the world! Anyway all in all it turned out well apart from Stacey being 90 quid down………… Jake stayed asleep the whole time, Not sure what we would have done if he hadn’t!

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