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Watched 24 today, Jack found out that Audrey had died whilst she was looking for Jack in Chin as he was getting tortured. I’m getting a bit bored of 24 now………….. Jack cant keep stopping America fr om getting nuked.

Sigrun arrived from today, I bombarded her with questions about Norway and even got the world map out! I got her to pronounce all the Norwegian footballers names correctly while Chris washed up…………. that killed a good 10 minutes!

England played Andorra this evening, we really are shit now! I hope Steve Maclaren gets the sack and they employ someone decent who will bring Becks back in! Anyway we ended up winning 3-0 with Stevie G scoring a Bobby Belter and David Nugent coming off the bench to score in injury time………… Still shit though!!
On a side not i found out that Andorra’s entire population would fit inside Old Trafford and they have the longest life expectancy of any country in the world.

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