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Another day in the Czech capital today, woke up in a massive bed and ordered breakfast in bed from room service………….. Ate loads of food then went back to sleep, Now that is the life!

Went for a walk to discover the wonders of Prague. Walked across
Charles Bridge and then went in a cable car up a massive hill alongside the Hunger Wall. There was a tower at the top of the hill which i thought would be a great idea to climb, Stace didn’t and was shitting herself by the time we got to the top! The views were stunning though and you could see the whole city. On the way down my legs got really shaky and i had to sit down afterwards.

Went back to the hotel afterwards and had a snooze, woke up and tried to get our money out of the safe and realised that it had locked itself and wouldn’t open. Had to call the hotel staff who had to call the safe people who had to send a geezer out to crack it……….. Stace was well angry!

Took Stace out to a proper posh restaurant on an island in the middle of the
river, I could tell it was dead posh because the food was all stacked up on top of each other in a poncey way and there wasn’t much of it. When the waiter bought it to our table it was under one of those silver lidded thingies ans Stace started giggling because she said she could see her reflection in it!
DJAd sent me a stupid text from Legal Eagle which made me
chuckle. Went and had a few drinks in some pubs and the went hunting for chocolate………… Couldn’t find any so went home and collapsed on the bed!

Charles Bridge

The Hunger Wall

Stace Drinking A Beer

The View From The Tower

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