The DF Bash

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Went to Blackpool yesterday for the annual digital forums meet up. I drove up there and DJAd, Blonde Dan and Tammer all Co Piloted, took us a fair while to get there but once we were it was a giggle, We basically got absolutely wankered in The Norbreck Castle Hotel after already smoking too much and then went in to Blackpool Central for more of the same. Marcode was probably the most entertaining as he got there long before everyone else and isn’t much of a drinker anyway so as we were walking round town trying to find a shop open that sells fags he was staggering along slightly behind throwing up as he goes………… Nice one!!

Here’s a few pics of the highlights!

DJAd outside our excellent accommodation

Me, BertRoot and Marcode in a toilet threesome

Gantypop, Gunner, Tammer & code

A Scotmans Hotel Room………. How cliche!

Marcode, DJAd, BertRoot & Raptor enjoying some bedroom love

Mine and Ad’s incredibly spacious room at the New Spa

Marcode repenting his previous ASBO sins!

Ad taking a piss!

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