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Me Stace & Jake went in to town for the day today and walked for ages, We tried to go for a coffee in Covent Garden and we sat down and the waitress came over and asked us what we would like, “2 late’s please” came the reply from me and the waitress continued to wait, pen posed……… “and what are you eating”? was the next question, “no food, just the coffee’s please” as i tried to get back to reading the paper i had found on the train. “We dont do just drinks at lunchtine, you have to order some food” Fuck that i thought and got up and walked next door and got a coffee instead…………. Silly bitch!

We ended up in St James’ Park which neither of us had ever been to before, You can see Buckingham Palace and The London Eye from inside the park which was both unexpected and pleasant

We walked round the edge of the park and then passed the back of Downing Street and on to Trafalgar Square where there was some fund raising event going on for disabled people so there was lots happening but more specificaly there were the dancing men who are legendary and make absolute tits of themselves………….. They must make a good living doing it because they were doing exactly the same act over 3 years ago when we first moved here just to a different song! Heres the video so you can see for yourselves


Came home and watched X Factor, The only bits worth watching are the auditions and tonights episode didnt dissapoint, There was a truly awful “group” from Birmingham that tried to sing Nothings Gonna Stop Us by Startship The woman who was convinced she was gonna get through of course didnt and she started blubbling…………. The site is horrific!

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