Switching To WordPress

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I’ve been using blogger for a few years now but have found it a little restrictive of late and have seen a few peoples who’s blogs I read use WordPress so I thought id sign up and see what all the fuss was about. First impressions are good, I like the amount of options you have with it as well as little features that aren’t in blogger like the word count and the ease of using categories, admittedly I will probably never use the categories function but to have the option there is always nice!

I’ve imported all the posts I did on blogger across with varied success. It seems that a lot of the fonts are different as well as the colours not always matching, I presume this is because of the way I originally posted them in blogger, I know this is not a massive issue but is something that will bug me until I fix it as that’s just the way I am. Another little annoyance is the layout of photographs depending on which theme you use, again I fear this is because of how I originally resized and positioned them and unless im prepared to go through and change each of them individually is something I am going to have to put up with. Anyone who knows me will already know that I will be spending a lot of hours putting this right!

All in all im glad ive made the transition and once I find a theme and layout I like and have edited to my tastes I will port the url to www.thefincher.com and have it as my homepage instead of my current blogger one. Seems times are a changing and I for one don’t want to be left behind!

That’s all for now

Pleased As Punch

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He’s been able to do this for years now but he was so pleased when he built the tower and he was taller than it….. A face with true happiness and joy at what he’s achieve

Jake Bakes Cakes

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Jacob was extremely keen to bake some cakes and with his mother he pretty much gets what he wants so it was off to the kitchen they went for a cook off. Jake pretty much does the whole thing himself now apart from opening packets and anything that requires sharp implements or power tools of course. He had a great time, got covered in chocolate and I must admit the cakes tasted pretty damn awesome. Here’s some snaps of the making I forgot to take one of the finished articles as I was too busy scoffing them, They tasted like chocolate though………. That much I remember

Steve, Sass & Small Jhon

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Dug this photo out today, Its one of my favourites ive ever taken, Stevey C looks ridiculously happy and even Sass himself manages to crack a smile………. A shame it had to happen on such a sad occasion

The Bunker

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On the way back from Canters decided to rock up to the bunker in the new Noir Vectra! DJAd wasnt in when i arrived but i was only waiting a couple of minutes before the Spit came in to view. He of course got the Obligatory shot of the new motor.Was making a cheeky brew whilst Ad was taking a piss and there was a giant spanner………… Get ya fuckin tool out!!

Lock Down

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It was my turn for a lie in today so Stace got up with Jake and got him ready to go swimming as soon as the pool opened at 8:30, They said their goodbyes and i settled down for a morning of kip……………. About 2 minutes after then walking out of the front door there was a banging at the door like someone was trying to break in and rob all of my lovely technology! Closer inspection revealed that it wasn’t a burglar at all, It was Stacey. When i answered i could tell that she was obviously in a panic about something and Jacob wasn’t with her so i asked what had happened, She explained that she had strapped Jake in his car seat and as always left her car keys on the front passenger seat, What doesn’t usually happen is that when she closes the door that the car locks………… She has no idea how this happened but “it just did”. We searched around for the spare key that we knew we were given when we bought it but naturally we couldn’t locate it. Meanwhile Jacob was locked in the car and strapped in his car seat so couldn’t move at all………….. He got bored of waiting and decided to go to sleep until the mess was sorted out!! After much arguing about why the key wasn’t in a safe place where it was easy to find Stacey decided to see how much a locksmith would be. A quick google search later and a couple pf phone calls she was looking at a £300 bill for leaving her keys on the front seat!! A few more phone calls later she got a price of £90 and the geezer said that he would be here in about an hour and a half………….. We just hoped Jake would stay asleep for that long! The man opposite was in his garden pottering about and said to Stace “You do realise your baby is in there didn’t you”? She flipped at him and told him that she wasn’t coming out every 5 minutes for the good of her health. The locksmith arrived and within 2 minutes of him getting out of his motor the door was opened and Jacob was awake……………… That has to be the easiest money in the world! Anyway all in all it turned out well apart from Stacey being 90 quid down………… Jake stayed asleep the whole time, Not sure what we would have done if he hadn’t!

The Power Of The N95

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Stace went shopping this morning and got our usual newspaper to read for the weekend. On the back of one of the catalogues was a picture that made me chuckle no end……….. I MMS’d it to DJAd but apparently he didn’t get it…………. Shame!We took Jake up to Hilly Fields so that he could run around and do what ever he wanted plus he got to flex out on the slide which he does love! Managed to try and be a bit arty with my phone and came up with these shots…………… I’m quite impressed even if i do say so myself!


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Had a phone call from Auntie Susan saying that Nicola had finally flopped out her baby yesterday, Was a little girl and all went well which is good news. We went down to her house to see the new arrival and met my Dad & Debbie there. Nicola’s house was surprisingly nice and the baby was like most other new born babies……….. Just slept the whole time and only woke up for a bit of food. Heres some piccies of her

Record Breaker

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As Stacey’s Dad and family were down they wanted to have Jacob for the weekend so that me and Stace could have a lie in and they coupld spoil him! We obviously had a nice lie in and then rang to see where to meet them, They told us to make our way to Camden when we were ready and that they had some news for us…………… Jake was a record breaker and in the Guiness Book Of Records!! We left for Camden and on the way we discussed what it could possibly be for a 21 Month old boy to be in the record books. When we arrived at Camden we walked to the pub where we were meeting them and naturally i was offered all the drugs under the sun by odd looking fellows! Met with them in a bar next to the lock which was a good oppurtunity to get a couple of snaps on the N95 as well as find out about my llittle record breaker! It turns out that whilst on their way to Camden they saw a group of people gathering at Potters Field Park (the grass by Tower Bridge) and they went to investigate, They discovered that it was an attempt sponsored by Nectar to set the record for most people being simultaniously massaged for fiteen minutes. They set the target to do 154 people and Jacob (along with Stacey’s Dad, Step Mum, Brother and Sister) were each one of the 154, They also got a T-Shirt, mints and hand cream!After taking all that in and having a swift drink we went for a wander to find a bar that they passed on the way as it looked nice and was Cuban Themed! We popped in there for a drink to kill some time before we had to meet Chris and Stacey’s cousin for dinner at Marine Ices at 4pm. Another chance for photo or 2!

Got to the restaurant and were early so we flopped in to the pub next door for a quick one whilst we were waiting, Jenny and Jas turned up so we went to sit down for dinner. Marine Ices is always good and it didnt dissapoint………… I had a Banana Split for my pudding with the kids and Jacob had some kind of Chocolate Bomb…………. He loved it and was chanting Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm as he was stuffing his face!Me, Stace, Christopher, Jenny and Jas decided that we were gonna go out for a few more drinks in Camden as Jake was going back to stay at the hotel with Pat & Gill. We needed to get some money out and went to the cash machines on the corner…………. There are a total of 6 cash points within a 3 minute walk of each other and every single one of them apart from one had either run out of cash or simply wasnt working…………. What the fuck is that about!? So with no choice but to start queuing for the sole ATM that worked we took our place at the end. Chatting amongst ourselves like you do and having a bit of a giggle we were soon joined in our conversation by some odd looking chap in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that had emerged from the pub in the hunt of more cash so that he could buy more beer so that he could get more drunk and be more of a tit!! He informed us that he had been up since Friday night when he arrived at Camdens Underworld for a gig called Ninja Fest……….. He wasnt lying either, it really was called Ninja Fest! He picked a fight with a tramp who was asking for money next to the queue and it nearly kicked off which was amusing as i think the tramp would have probably killed him! Turns out his name was ian and he was 23 with a Provisional Drivers License! I of course asked him for a photo to which he replied no so i took my camera out my pocket anyway and pointed it at him which he responded to by posing…………. Obviously not a man of his word! After all that we were at the front of the queue so we got our cash out and proceeded to the Round House for a cheeky beverage or two. Had a few drinks in there and then decided it was time to go home as we all had work in the morning. All in all a good night was had by all…………… I wonder if Ian enjoyed himself at Ninja Fest…………. He said it was good so i imagine he probably did!

The Bridge Over Camden Lock

The Egans In A Pub Before Dinner

Ian Taking His Cash Out At The Only Working Cashpoint

Chris, Stacey, Jenny & Jas In The Worlds End

Poker Night

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Was working in Canterbury today so organised a cheeky little game of cards at chez Caira with a few of the lads. As always myself and Steven were up for it and Beer and Gworv (despite his constant whinging) were also in, DJAd was gonna flop down but bottled it at the last minute! Got to Steve’s in time to get a cheeky shot of the Herne Bay skyline! Small Jhon came round but was insistent that he wasn’t gonna play cards. We played on the Wii for a bit then Tony Hawks went on for the next 2 hours or so……….….. How incredibly boring! Its not that i don’t like the game its just that ive played the first 2 and the new one is exactly the same apart from no Spiderman!! Jon loved it though…………….. To be honest i think he just loved playing on a 360 as he’s a flashed firmware rookie and his is in the hands of Microsoft!Steven asked if myself and Small Jhon wanted spaghetti bolognese, we both agreed that would be lovely and we’d have a bowl full, Unbeknown to us Steven’s idea of cooking a bolognese is quite quite different to most other peoples, Don’t get me wrong, when it finally arrived it was lovely, the problem was that it took the best part of 2 hours to cook. Apparently “you have to let all the juices and flavours settle” or something like that, Still like i say it was dead nice and almost worth the wait!

Here’s a picture of Steve cooking the meal
Beer and Gworv arrived so we decided it was time to get down to the nitty gritty of winning some money! We we started with a fiver in each with the option to buy in more if you wanted, As normal Gav went out quickly and had to get another fiver out of his sky rocket as did Steve. Me and Beer were kicking it still with our initial fivers and eventually Gav and Steve’s second lot of fivers were lost! So with just 2 of us left we carried on playing with the blind going up and up, Somehow the conversation got on to reverse charges and we said that next time i was coming round to Steve’s that when i ring up for him to throw down the keys i should do it reverse charges! When he got the call he would obviously accept because its not something i would normally do and he would think that I’m in some kind of trouble, When he answers ill just ask for the keys to be chucked down!! He’s reading this now so its not gonna work is it?

Anyway the money went back and forth between me and Beer with us both having decent hands every now and again, Eventually i think we both decided to go for it and start betting bigger, I had a King and a seven and beer had some other pile of shite but he went all in so i did too……….. The flop bought out a King and a seven plus something else so i was laughing, The next 2 cards came out and Beer was gutted……………. I had won the lot and Beer was absolutely gutted and started harping on about being the chip leader for most of the night…………. Like i give a fuck, I had an extra 30 nugget in my back burner!!

Next morning me and Stevie went down to Gales for a dirty fry up and i ordered the number 1 which is a proper Widow Maker, Steve had the girlie number 2 which is only a heart attack! Decided to have a quid in the fruit machine as i was feeling a bit lucky after my poker win and low and behold i won another cheeky fiver out of it, result! I bid farewell to Steven and made my way back to Brockley Towers to meet up with Stacey, Jacob and all the rest of her family as they were down for the weekend

Thats My Boy!

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Jacob does love a bit of 360 with his old man with Pro Evo being his game of choice as he gets to shout goal with his arm in the air pretty much all the time! Came in and found him sitting in the hotseat with the pad in his hand………….. Absolutely loves it!!

Here another of him looking proper dappa and flexing out his best smile………. Word!

Cadbury Gorilla Remixes

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I had to have a chuckle at these………… Its amazing how something so shit can catch on so quick and then every fucker loves it…………. Im sure the official wanky merchandise will be out just in time for crimbo………….. Wonder which piece of tat i get from some unimaginative member of my family!



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As I’m away most of next week for an exhibition in Harrogate Stacey’s Birthday falls on the Wednesday when I’m away we (Stace) has decided that this weekend is to be her “Birthday Weekend”, I think she thinks she’s the queen or something! Anyway, her wish today was that we go to Brighton as she has never been before and she has been mithering me for ages about going so as it was her special day how could i refuse? We had fish and chips on the beach right by the pier and then we went and saw The Bear in his shop. He is only there until Wednesday as the building he occupies had a fire safety inspection and it failed so he has to move out……………. bummer! His shop is like his shed, Its just a load of photos on the walls and records that he plays throughout the day. I picked up a little matchbox car and said that Jacob would like that as he likes cars, Jay told me it wasn’t for sale and its just for show………….. He collects them!! I had to enquire as to what it was doing in his “shop” then and he said he just likes it there, Some things never change!! When he’s not at his shop working he’s a landscape gardener…………………….. Now that i wasn’t expecting!!

We left The Bear and had a wander round town to try and find Stace something for her Birthday, we were looking in various jewelery shops when i fel someone grab my arm, I looked round they were playing at only to see Big Phil and Debs standing there! How weird is that………….. Some dodgy little back alley in Brighton and Steve and Jon’s Mum & Dad pop up, they had been to see Billy Connolly at The Brighton Centre the night before and were just doing a spot of shopping themselves, They met Jacob and said he was cute, everyone always does though and it makes me wonder what they say when were out of earshot. I pointed them in the direction of where Jamie’s shop was and told them to go and surprise him………… They seemed keen!

From there we went to a little park to let Jake run around as he’d been in his buggy all day, We were just sitting around when the usual buskers came in to the park and started playing songs in the hope of raising cash, There was quite a crowd building up and i decided that id go and have a butchers to see what all the fuss was about. When i got to see them i discovered that the buskers in question were actually children………. Probably about 11 or 12 and they were amazing! The crowd they had round them was huge and after every song they got a massive round of applause. There were people filming them and taking photos all over the place and i have never seen so much money in a hat when they finished, I even put 2 quid in myself i was that impressed! I of course had to get my own little video and i decided that Knocking On Heavens Door was probably best to post here………. Enjoy

Here’s a couple more pics from the day

Jamie’s shop name

Jake & Stace On The Beach