The DF Bash

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Went to Blackpool yesterday for the annual digital forums meet up. I drove up there and DJAd, Blonde Dan and Tammer all Co Piloted, took us a fair while to get there but once we were it was a giggle, We basically got absolutely wankered in The Norbreck Castle Hotel after already smoking too much and then went in to Blackpool Central for more of the same. Marcode was probably the most entertaining as he got there long before everyone else and isn’t much of a drinker anyway so as we were walking round town trying to find a shop open that sells fags he was staggering along slightly behind throwing up as he goes………… Nice one!!

Here’s a few pics of the highlights!

DJAd outside our excellent accommodation

Me, BertRoot and Marcode in a toilet threesome

Gantypop, Gunner, Tammer & code

A Scotmans Hotel Room………. How cliche!

Marcode, DJAd, BertRoot & Raptor enjoying some bedroom love

Mine and Ad’s incredibly spacious room at the New Spa

Marcode repenting his previous ASBO sins!

Ad taking a piss!

Sleeping Mantis

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DJAd stopped over because we were going to a jolly boys outing to Blackpool for the annual digital fourms bash and we were leaving relatively early (early for Adam anyway!). He was asleep on the sofa obviously and i managed to get a snap………… He reminds me of a Preying Mantis unfolding his legs so that he can devour his prey with the greatest of ease! What a batty!


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Jacob is poorly at the moment and keeps waking up in the night…………… He was in our bed at about 2am and we were all just dozing when Stace started punching me in a panic………… I asked her what the fuck she thought she was playing at and she couldn’t speak for pointing…………. When i looked at what she was pointing at there was possibly the biggest spider i had ever seen in my life, Stacey said that the reason she knew it was there is because she heard it walking, I was in stitches and she was freaking out saying that she couldn’t and wouldn’t go back to bed until I’d got rid of it, I wasn’t going anywhere near it, I’m not the fondest of spiders anyway and ones of that magnitude can piss right off. In the end i did try to catch it with t he old “Glass and a piece of paper” trick but the bugger darted off under the bed and didn’t show his hairy legs again so i just went back to sleep with Stace still freaking out saying that she couldn’t sleep with it in the room………….. She did in the end when she realised i was going to do no more about it!


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Was working from home all day today so i decided to put on some light TV……….. Small Jhon had previously recommended Californication to me saying that it was very funny and he wasn’t wrong…………… The main gut is played by David Duchovny who is a writer that cant write anymore since someone made a film out of one of his novels as he thinks he turned it to shit! He ends up sleeping with so many women without having to make any effort what so ever, If only real life was like that. Its a good show and i watched the first 6 episodes in one sitting (whilst working of course!). It reminds me of Studio 60 a bit, the writing is very clever and witty and some very nice expressions are used my favourite being “A morning of awkwardness is far worse than a night of loneliness”

Played COD4 with DJAd, Blonde Dan and Lithgow……….. What an amazing game, Were all on the same team and did Team Deathmatch, Lith got really angry with me cos i just kept laying on the floor waiting for people to come past and then flopping a load of bullets in their backs! He has anger management issues!


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Stace took Jacob swimming today and when they got back they started watching Madagascar together, Stace fell asleep and Jake obviously wasn’t comfortable so he decided to get off the sofa and instead laid on the floor and instantly fell asleep………… How odd!


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Carlos Tevez has just scored his first goal for Man Utd against Chelsea of all teams…………. Not a good week for them! He’s ever such a good looking chap inst he!

Alan Titchmarsh Growing Green

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Urbsy flopped this in to irc earlier and it cracked me up…………. Stace reckons he got sued for it but you never see his face and hands together with the weed so it is obviously a damn fake………… Bloody funny though!!


Lead Me Not In To Temptation……………..

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I finally gave in today and i went to Gamestation and bought myself an X-Box 360 Elite…………. I hate being such a consumer but just cant help it!! I got a good deal though as illustrated! My plan is to sell the copies of Forza and Blue Dragon along with the Wireless Pad to get about 75 quid back and then send off for the hard drive transfer cable and then flop that on eBay too which will hopefully go for 25 notes making the cheeky Elite under 200 smackers………… I do love a cheeky bargain! Check out the badness when its all set up too……….. The ever growing home entertainment centre! Downloaded the COD4 Beta Demo too and had a quick razz on that, Its shit hot even though i only managed 2 kills and 9 deaths! Definitely worth a purchase when its out along with Halo 3 and Pro Evo 8………….. I reckon FIFA can suck me this year, The last couple have been a bit pony and the demo of this one aint much cop.

Got back and had a jinster in the garden with Colin while Stacey & Jake went to Sainsburys with Christopher……….. Now he’s got a job he’s started packing the “Old New Grind” on a more regular basis and the “Old Old Grind” have been relegated to the car for the more all terrain approach! Whilst we were enjoying some green delights Tamba and his mate were chilling in the garden, CJ left the door open to his flat and the Carrot Top cat decided to get all brave and have a gander in 31B……….. Colin was beside himself with excitement and took some picture so i thought id best put one up in here really!

Halo 3

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Downloaded Halo 3 today and flopped that on a cheeky Dual Layer and i gotta say that im well impressed, Never really played the first ones but if they are half as good as this i wish i had!

Ball Boy

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Woke up this morning to the news that Jose Mourinho had quit at Chelsea…………. Quite a shocker really and im sure no one was expecting it. Id happily have him at Spurs, he may be an arrogant twat but he is funny and good for English football. Spurs are playing tonight against some pony team ive never heard of from Cyprus so we should kick their arses

Met Jeremy for lunch at Great Portland Street, I had the Hereford Burger with Mauris Piper Potato Wedges! When Jeremy went up to pay he asked for a receipt and the guy behind the bar got all flustered and started freaking out a bit cos i dont think he knew what he was doing…………. He ended up smashing about 3 glasses and then being stressed for ages and complaining to someone else!!

Belial_ on DF posted a pic of the London Eye today, Absolutely amazing it is too, Have a look for yaselves…………. He’s only been doing Photography for 2 years, He’s pretty good
Spurs managed a 6-1 win this evening too which was a welcome return to where we should be, Jermain Defoe scored a stunning goal but the Man Of The Match for me was the ballboy that threw the ball back to one of the opposition players in an aggressive manor!

Quote Of The Day

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Not an awful lot went on today really, Went to work as normal and got stuck in the usual rush hour traffic on the way to Bromley. Went to my appointments and then treated myself to a large Strawbeyy Milkshake and a Double Cheeseburger from McDonalds on the way home.

I finally managed to get my hot bath last night after punching the boiler a good few times and hurting my knuckles, it was worth it in the end though…………. I think!Todays quote of the day on my iGoogle was “In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra” and was said by Fran Lebowitz who was an author, It reminded me of doing wanky algebra at school and i knew at the time that i was right all along……….. Fran has just confirmed it for me!

Flopped my N95 on eBay and some girl mailed me saying that she wants it and to tell her how much and she would paypal it me directly therefore avoiding the fees, she even left her mobile number but i still think its a scam and if i ring the number maybe George Agdgdgwngo will answer with the usual “Good Day Sir”

Im gonna watch another couple of Episodes of The Lost Room now so screw you all!

Jet Setter

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Woke up at Chez Caira today after a crazy night of Wii and green action the night before! Had to get to Margate for 11am and was there at 10:30 so i did my meeting early as i had arranged to meet with Jeremiah as i hadn’t seen him in about 2 years and he was going off backpacking round Russia, India, China & Japan next Tuesday so this would be my last opportunity for another 9 months. Jerry being Jerry when he came back to the UK he asked his family if he could stay with them and they said as long as he paid rent………………… He didn’t like that idea so decided to explore other avenues of rent free living and somehow ended up persuading some guy in a pub he used to work in that it was a good idea to let him sleep on his boat on Ramsgate Harbour for absolutely shag all…………….. RESULT!
After having the guided tour of the boat we went for a wander and got some fish and chips which we ate on the sea arm………… I had a battered sausage and burnt the roof of my mouth, i was extremely pissed off!

I drove Jerry back to his sisters house as he was staying there tonight because she has one on holiday, Went in for a coffee and a Curly Wurly and got a snap of Jeremiah’s entire worldly possessions…………. Not much for a 27 year old but he has been to 70 0dd countries in 7 years!

Drove home and flopped my Nokia N95 on eBay, will hopefully get about 200 nugget for that then had Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. Tried to have a hot bath and surprise surprise the pissing boiler decided to go off and not come on again for ages………….. I hate this house so much! Anyway its ten past 10 now and Stacey has finally managed to get me a hot bath run so I’m gonna go and get in it and scrub myself up right nice!

Virtual Insanity

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Me Stace & Jake went in to town for the day today and walked for ages, We tried to go for a coffee in Covent Garden and we sat down and the waitress came over and asked us what we would like, “2 late’s please” came the reply from me and the waitress continued to wait, pen posed……… “and what are you eating”? was the next question, “no food, just the coffee’s please” as i tried to get back to reading the paper i had found on the train. “We dont do just drinks at lunchtine, you have to order some food” Fuck that i thought and got up and walked next door and got a coffee instead…………. Silly bitch!

We ended up in St James’ Park which neither of us had ever been to before, You can see Buckingham Palace and The London Eye from inside the park which was both unexpected and pleasant

We walked round the edge of the park and then passed the back of Downing Street and on to Trafalgar Square where there was some fund raising event going on for disabled people so there was lots happening but more specificaly there were the dancing men who are legendary and make absolute tits of themselves………….. They must make a good living doing it because they were doing exactly the same act over 3 years ago when we first moved here just to a different song! Heres the video so you can see for yourselves


Came home and watched X Factor, The only bits worth watching are the auditions and tonights episode didnt dissapoint, There was a truly awful “group” from Birmingham that tried to sing Nothings Gonna Stop Us by Startship The woman who was convinced she was gonna get through of course didnt and she started blubbling…………. The site is horrific!