Lead Me Not In To Temptation……………..

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I finally gave in today and i went to Gamestation and bought myself an X-Box 360 Elite…………. I hate being such a consumer but just cant help it!! I got a good deal though as illustrated! My plan is to sell the copies of Forza and Blue Dragon along with the Wireless Pad to get about 75 quid back and then send off for the hard drive transfer cable and then flop that on eBay too which will hopefully go for 25 notes making the cheeky Elite under 200 smackers………… I do love a cheeky bargain! Check out the badness when its all set up too……….. The ever growing home entertainment centre! Downloaded the COD4 Beta Demo too and had a quick razz on that, Its shit hot even though i only managed 2 kills and 9 deaths! Definitely worth a purchase when its out along with Halo 3 and Pro Evo 8………….. I reckon FIFA can suck me this year, The last couple have been a bit pony and the demo of this one aint much cop.

Got back and had a jinster in the garden with Colin while Stacey & Jake went to Sainsburys with Christopher……….. Now he’s got a job he’s started packing the “Old New Grind” on a more regular basis and the “Old Old Grind” have been relegated to the car for the more all terrain approach! Whilst we were enjoying some green delights Tamba and his mate were chilling in the garden, CJ left the door open to his flat and the Carrot Top cat decided to get all brave and have a gander in 31B……….. Colin was beside himself with excitement and took some picture so i thought id best put one up in here really!

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