Butter Stick

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Managed a cheeky lie in today at Auntie Susans until 9:30, came downstairs and had a cheeky ham and mustard butty! We went to Nan & Gumbies on the way back to London for a cup of tea and Jake had a good play in the garden and really enjoyed himself………… We decided that we would tidy the garden at home tomorrow……… It won’t happen!!

Got home and Chris had made the house surprisingly tidy, he had even washed the bedding and put it back on again……… Thats quite something! We decided to have a game of Pro Evo, It was 1 all at full time so to extra time it went, Chris went 2-1 up but then got a man sent off due to a second yellow for a horrific challenge, I bagged 2 goals in the 2nd half of extra time to take the match 3-2……………….. I fuckin rule!!

Had a quick thought whilst trying to get to sleep that i should really start moving on with my butter stick idea, Im sitting on a little goldmine there!

4 Breakfasts

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Stace had 4 breakfasts this morning!! Museli and yoghurt to start with, then cheese and tomato’s on toast, then fruit salad and then ham and cheese on bread followed by cold coffee!

We had to be out of the room by 12 noon and the taxi wasn’t arriving t so we had loads and loads of time to kill, We went for a wander again and found ourselves going across Charles Bridge and walking up the massive fuckin hill that we had previously got the cable car up! Saw St Vitus Cathedral and the castle close up which was nice i suppose. I went on a mission to find a shop that sells English papers and eventually found one, took my paper to a cafe and drank coffee and read it. Liverpool won 3-0 away to PSV Eindhoven last night which is a good result for them, I hope Chelsea lose tonight!

Walked back down the old castle steps and went and found something called John Lennon Wall, Its a wall dedicated strangely enough to John Lennon!! Every year on December 8th (The anniversary of his death) people meet up near the wall and sing Beatles songs and chant things like Give Peace a Chance…………. Hippy fucks! After that we took the long way round to a restaurant that we had read about to eat some traditional Czech food…………. I had steak! After that we had 2 hours to kill before the taxi came……… 1 word………….. Booooring! We looked around loads of shops and counted the amount of time we had until the taxi would arrive!

Got to the airport and had a shitty KFC then found out that our plane was delayed by 55 shitty minutes……………. BOLLOCKS! The plane was delayed by 1 hour and 20 minutes in the end but we got back safe and sound but bloody knackered in the end.

More Tex Than Mex

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Went around all the markets today and wanked all our money in a very short period of time buying. crappy presents for everyone! Had to go back to the hotel to get more money and guess what……….. The poxy safe wouldn’t open again so we had to call the fat bitch on reception again so that she could call the safe people again and they could send the man out again……….. What a ball ache, Stace wasn’t happy again!

Went to a hotel called U Prince where they have a roof terrace that overlooks Old Town Square, was lovely. Stacey had a cocktail. Spent the rest of the day wandering around the markets that sell all the same overpriced shite taking full advantage of the tourists!

Made our way to the Jewish Quarter to look at all the old Jew graves but because it was Easter it was closed……….. Great! Found out that Good King Wenceslas was actually a real king who employed people to build the Hunger Wall which is so called because it was built purely for the purpose of making work for people so they can earn money to feed their families, Also found out that Good King Wenceslas was killed by his own brother which led me to believe that he couldn’t have been that great after all.

Had dinner in a place called Buffalo Bills which was apparently “More Tex Than Mex” and it was bloody lovely and stupidly cheap, we got the idea from the book that i got Stacey fro Xmas……. Glad i bought it now. Went for a couple of glasses of wine in Old Town Square and then went back to the hotel. Ali G was on the TV and it was the one where he goes to America and goes out with the police……….. He tells the man that he may be a honky but he’s still hunk like a donkey! Buhahahahahahahaha classic!

Safe Cracker

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Another day in the Czech capital today, woke up in a massive bed and ordered breakfast in bed from room service………….. Ate loads of food then went back to sleep, Now that is the life!

Went for a walk to discover the wonders of Prague. Walked across
Charles Bridge and then went in a cable car up a massive hill alongside the Hunger Wall. There was a tower at the top of the hill which i thought would be a great idea to climb, Stace didn’t and was shitting herself by the time we got to the top! The views were stunning though and you could see the whole city. On the way down my legs got really shaky and i had to sit down afterwards.

Went back to the hotel afterwards and had a snooze, woke up and tried to get our money out of the safe and realised that it had locked itself and wouldn’t open. Had to call the hotel staff who had to call the safe people who had to send a geezer out to crack it……….. Stace was well angry!

Took Stace out to a proper posh restaurant on an island in the middle of the
river, I could tell it was dead posh because the food was all stacked up on top of each other in a poncey way and there wasn’t much of it. When the waiter bought it to our table it was under one of those silver lidded thingies ans Stace started giggling because she said she could see her reflection in it!
DJAd sent me a stupid text from Legal Eagle which made me
chuckle. Went and had a few drinks in some pubs and the went hunting for chocolate………… Couldn’t find any so went home and collapsed on the bed!

Charles Bridge

The Hunger Wall

Stace Drinking A Beer

The View From The Tower


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Had to get up at 4:15 this morning to drive to Gatwick, what a shitter! Got to the airport and the queue for checkin was ridiculous, i hate queuing. I amused myself by asking Stace what was heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of coal. She said a ton of coal was and i obviously called her thick and laughed at her…….. The funniest part of it was that even when i told her why she was being so dumb she still didn’t get it, She blames it on baby brain!

The flight was relatively painless and we even got emergency exit seats so i had plenty of leg room which was nice. Tried to have a bit of a snooze but was only drifting, opened my eyes and i saw Stacey giving one of my chocolate Eclairs to the Indian lady next to her………. Not happy at all!

When we arrived in Prague there was a man waiting with a sign with Anthony Fincher on it, I felt like i was a bit of a movie star so i put my sunglasses on and looked like i was rushing! The driver was from LA and a bit OTT like most Americans I’ve ever met. Our flight was a little late getting in so the American had to make a call to get someone else to pick up his next punter. He rang a chap named George and told him the name of his next customer…………. Mr Boner………… Buhahahahahahahahahahaha, i couldn’t help thinking if it was a wind up or not though just to get someone to stand at Prague airport with a sign saying Mr Boner, That i would love to have seen!

Settled in to our hotel and unpacked our stuff then went for a walk to get our bearings and of course take some pics on the D-SLR.

Old Town Square

A Cheeky Red Squirrel
View From The Steps

Bridges Over The River

Some Eastern European Band

Prague is a really lovely place and the weather was surprisingly warm. We had a bit more of a wander and ended up in a pub that was over 400 years old for a beer and some food, Stace had Stroganoff and i naturally had steak and the whole lot was under a tenner…….. Now that you cannot complain about!!