Butter Stick

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Managed a cheeky lie in today at Auntie Susans until 9:30, came downstairs and had a cheeky ham and mustard butty! We went to Nan & Gumbies on the way back to London for a cup of tea and Jake had a good play in the garden and really enjoyed himself………… We decided that we would tidy the garden at home tomorrow……… It won’t happen!!

Got home and Chris had made the house surprisingly tidy, he had even washed the bedding and put it back on again……… Thats quite something! We decided to have a game of Pro Evo, It was 1 all at full time so to extra time it went, Chris went 2-1 up but then got a man sent off due to a second yellow for a horrific challenge, I bagged 2 goals in the 2nd half of extra time to take the match 3-2……………….. I fuckin rule!!

Had a quick thought whilst trying to get to sleep that i should really start moving on with my butter stick idea, Im sitting on a little goldmine there!

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