4 Breakfasts

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Stace had 4 breakfasts this morning!! Museli and yoghurt to start with, then cheese and tomato’s on toast, then fruit salad and then ham and cheese on bread followed by cold coffee!

We had to be out of the room by 12 noon and the taxi wasn’t arriving t so we had loads and loads of time to kill, We went for a wander again and found ourselves going across Charles Bridge and walking up the massive fuckin hill that we had previously got the cable car up! Saw St Vitus Cathedral and the castle close up which was nice i suppose. I went on a mission to find a shop that sells English papers and eventually found one, took my paper to a cafe and drank coffee and read it. Liverpool won 3-0 away to PSV Eindhoven last night which is a good result for them, I hope Chelsea lose tonight!

Walked back down the old castle steps and went and found something called John Lennon Wall, Its a wall dedicated strangely enough to John Lennon!! Every year on December 8th (The anniversary of his death) people meet up near the wall and sing Beatles songs and chant things like Give Peace a Chance…………. Hippy fucks! After that we took the long way round to a restaurant that we had read about to eat some traditional Czech food…………. I had steak! After that we had 2 hours to kill before the taxi came……… 1 word………….. Booooring! We looked around loads of shops and counted the amount of time we had until the taxi would arrive!

Got to the airport and had a shitty KFC then found out that our plane was delayed by 55 shitty minutes……………. BOLLOCKS! The plane was delayed by 1 hour and 20 minutes in the end but we got back safe and sound but bloody knackered in the end.

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