More Tex Than Mex

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Went around all the markets today and wanked all our money in a very short period of time buying. crappy presents for everyone! Had to go back to the hotel to get more money and guess what……….. The poxy safe wouldn’t open again so we had to call the fat bitch on reception again so that she could call the safe people again and they could send the man out again……….. What a ball ache, Stace wasn’t happy again!

Went to a hotel called U Prince where they have a roof terrace that overlooks Old Town Square, was lovely. Stacey had a cocktail. Spent the rest of the day wandering around the markets that sell all the same overpriced shite taking full advantage of the tourists!

Made our way to the Jewish Quarter to look at all the old Jew graves but because it was Easter it was closed……….. Great! Found out that Good King Wenceslas was actually a real king who employed people to build the Hunger Wall which is so called because it was built purely for the purpose of making work for people so they can earn money to feed their families, Also found out that Good King Wenceslas was killed by his own brother which led me to believe that he couldn’t have been that great after all.

Had dinner in a place called Buffalo Bills which was apparently “More Tex Than Mex” and it was bloody lovely and stupidly cheap, we got the idea from the book that i got Stacey fro Xmas……. Glad i bought it now. Went for a couple of glasses of wine in Old Town Square and then went back to the hotel. Ali G was on the TV and it was the one where he goes to America and goes out with the police……….. He tells the man that he may be a honky but he’s still hunk like a donkey! Buhahahahahahahaha classic!

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