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Woke up at Chez Caira today after a crazy night of Wii and green action the night before! Had to get to Margate for 11am and was there at 10:30 so i did my meeting early as i had arranged to meet with Jeremiah as i hadn’t seen him in about 2 years and he was going off backpacking round Russia, India, China & Japan next Tuesday so this would be my last opportunity for another 9 months. Jerry being Jerry when he came back to the UK he asked his family if he could stay with them and they said as long as he paid rent………………… He didn’t like that idea so decided to explore other avenues of rent free living and somehow ended up persuading some guy in a pub he used to work in that it was a good idea to let him sleep on his boat on Ramsgate Harbour for absolutely shag all…………….. RESULT!
After having the guided tour of the boat we went for a wander and got some fish and chips which we ate on the sea arm………… I had a battered sausage and burnt the roof of my mouth, i was extremely pissed off!

I drove Jerry back to his sisters house as he was staying there tonight because she has one on holiday, Went in for a coffee and a Curly Wurly and got a snap of Jeremiah’s entire worldly possessions…………. Not much for a 27 year old but he has been to 70 0dd countries in 7 years!

Drove home and flopped my Nokia N95 on eBay, will hopefully get about 200 nugget for that then had Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. Tried to have a hot bath and surprise surprise the pissing boiler decided to go off and not come on again for ages………….. I hate this house so much! Anyway its ten past 10 now and Stacey has finally managed to get me a hot bath run so I’m gonna go and get in it and scrub myself up right nice!

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