Switching To WordPress

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I’ve been using blogger for a few years now but have found it a little restrictive of late and have seen a few peoples who’s blogs I read use WordPress so I thought id sign up and see what all the fuss was about. First impressions are good, I like the amount of options you have with it as well as little features that aren’t in blogger like the word count and the ease of using categories, admittedly I will probably never use the categories function but to have the option there is always nice!

I’ve imported all the posts I did on blogger across with varied success. It seems that a lot of the fonts are different as well as the colours not always matching, I presume this is because of the way I originally posted them in blogger, I know this is not a massive issue but is something that will bug me until I fix it as that’s just the way I am. Another little annoyance is the layout of photographs depending on which theme you use, again I fear this is because of how I originally resized and positioned them and unless im prepared to go through and change each of them individually is something I am going to have to put up with. Anyone who knows me will already know that I will be spending a lot of hours putting this right!

All in all im glad ive made the transition and once I find a theme and layout I like and have edited to my tastes I will port the url to www.thefincher.com and have it as my homepage instead of my current blogger one. Seems times are a changing and I for one don’t want to be left behind!

That’s all for now

Cadbury Gorilla Remixes

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I had to have a chuckle at these………… Its amazing how something so shit can catch on so quick and then every fucker loves it…………. Im sure the official wanky merchandise will be out just in time for crimbo………….. Wonder which piece of tat i get from some unimaginative member of my family!


Worlds Largest Swimming Pool

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Already drawing the crowds in the South American resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this artificial lagoon and swimming pool is eight hectares in size and contains an incredible 250,000 cubic meters of water. Acknowledged by Guinness World Records as being the world’s largest swimming pool, the lagoon trounces all other record holders in the category, including the Orthlieb pool in Casablanca, Morocco, itself a huge 150 meters by 100 meters – the San Alfonso pool is 1km in length.

The revolutionary clear water artificial lagoons, transparent to a depth of 35 meters and unprecedented in design and construction methods, are the brainchild of Crystal Lagoons founder, biochemist and Chilean businessman Fernando Fischmann. Equivalent in size to an incredible 6,000 standard domestic pools, details of its technology are to be unveiled for the first time at Cityscape Dubai later this month”


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Carlos Tevez has just scored his first goal for Man Utd against Chelsea of all teams…………. Not a good week for them! He’s ever such a good looking chap inst he!

Alan Titchmarsh Growing Green

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Urbsy flopped this in to irc earlier and it cracked me up…………. Stace reckons he got sued for it but you never see his face and hands together with the weed so it is obviously a damn fake………… Bloody funny though!!