London Street Dancers

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Forgot to post this bad boy up a little while ago after i’d filmed it, Ive seen these jokers a few times in London and they never cease to make me chuckle…………… I was with my Dad when i saw them once and now whenever i see him, without fail he will ask if i’ve seen these lads recently………… Ive tried to explain that were not friends and that their are 7 million people in London…………………..


Alan Titchmarsh Growing Green

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Urbsy flopped this in to irc earlier and it cracked me up…………. Stace reckons he got sued for it but you never see his face and hands together with the weed so it is obviously a damn fake………… Bloody funny though!!



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Chris left for work and had to come back because he forogt his iPod so he went again, then he came back again because he had forgotten his sandwiches……….. He is so unorganised, i dont really know how he copes day to day!

Watched the trailer for the new GTA game today, gotta say it looks bloody impressive. Those boys at Rockstar have got it sewn up thats for sure. Looks like its based on New York which is pretty cool.

Sigrun was looking after Jake today and took him for a walk to try and get some numbers for rooms for her and Chris. She was taking ages and it turns out she actually went and had a look at a room above a cafe somewhere, she said that a big black man heped her up the stairs with the buggy and Jake screamed his heart out!

Uncle David came round to unblock the drain in the back garden because it was overflowing, he managed to do that and he also managed to make our entire flat reek of shit………… Thanks David!

Sigrun watched Hitch where Will Smith a “dating consultant” and i wondered if such a job existed and if it did how well paid it was?

Had Chinese with Chris & Sigrun tonight, Christopher owes me a tenner too, Went to
bed and Stace woke me up saying that i was talking in my sleep, apparently i was saying “acro awake”………….. ive no idea what that means!!