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Jacob is poorly at the moment and keeps waking up in the night…………… He was in our bed at about 2am and we were all just dozing when Stace started punching me in a panic………… I asked her what the fuck she thought she was playing at and she couldn’t speak for pointing…………. When i looked at what she was pointing at there was possibly the biggest spider i had ever seen in my life, Stacey said that the reason she knew it was there is because she heard it walking, I was in stitches and she was freaking out saying that she couldn’t and wouldn’t go back to bed until I’d got rid of it, I wasn’t going anywhere near it, I’m not the fondest of spiders anyway and ones of that magnitude can piss right off. In the end i did try to catch it with t he old “Glass and a piece of paper” trick but the bugger darted off under the bed and didn’t show his hairy legs again so i just went back to sleep with Stace still freaking out saying that she couldn’t sleep with it in the room………….. She did in the end when she realised i was going to do no more about it!

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