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As I’m away most of next week for an exhibition in Harrogate Stacey’s Birthday falls on the Wednesday when I’m away we (Stace) has decided that this weekend is to be her “Birthday Weekend”, I think she thinks she’s the queen or something! Anyway, her wish today was that we go to Brighton as she has never been before and she has been mithering me for ages about going so as it was her special day how could i refuse? We had fish and chips on the beach right by the pier and then we went and saw The Bear in his shop. He is only there until Wednesday as the building he occupies had a fire safety inspection and it failed so he has to move out……………. bummer! His shop is like his shed, Its just a load of photos on the walls and records that he plays throughout the day. I picked up a little matchbox car and said that Jacob would like that as he likes cars, Jay told me it wasn’t for sale and its just for show………….. He collects them!! I had to enquire as to what it was doing in his “shop” then and he said he just likes it there, Some things never change!! When he’s not at his shop working he’s a landscape gardener…………………….. Now that i wasn’t expecting!!

We left The Bear and had a wander round town to try and find Stace something for her Birthday, we were looking in various jewelery shops when i fel someone grab my arm, I looked round they were playing at only to see Big Phil and Debs standing there! How weird is that………….. Some dodgy little back alley in Brighton and Steve and Jon’s Mum & Dad pop up, they had been to see Billy Connolly at The Brighton Centre the night before and were just doing a spot of shopping themselves, They met Jacob and said he was cute, everyone always does though and it makes me wonder what they say when were out of earshot. I pointed them in the direction of where Jamie’s shop was and told them to go and surprise him………… They seemed keen!

From there we went to a little park to let Jake run around as he’d been in his buggy all day, We were just sitting around when the usual buskers came in to the park and started playing songs in the hope of raising cash, There was quite a crowd building up and i decided that id go and have a butchers to see what all the fuss was about. When i got to see them i discovered that the buskers in question were actually children………. Probably about 11 or 12 and they were amazing! The crowd they had round them was huge and after every song they got a massive round of applause. There were people filming them and taking photos all over the place and i have never seen so much money in a hat when they finished, I even put 2 quid in myself i was that impressed! I of course had to get my own little video and i decided that Knocking On Heavens Door was probably best to post here………. Enjoy

Here’s a couple more pics from the day

Jamie’s shop name

Jake & Stace On The Beach

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