Poker Night

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Was working in Canterbury today so organised a cheeky little game of cards at chez Caira with a few of the lads. As always myself and Steven were up for it and Beer and Gworv (despite his constant whinging) were also in, DJAd was gonna flop down but bottled it at the last minute! Got to Steve’s in time to get a cheeky shot of the Herne Bay skyline! Small Jhon came round but was insistent that he wasn’t gonna play cards. We played on the Wii for a bit then Tony Hawks went on for the next 2 hours or so……….….. How incredibly boring! Its not that i don’t like the game its just that ive played the first 2 and the new one is exactly the same apart from no Spiderman!! Jon loved it though…………….. To be honest i think he just loved playing on a 360 as he’s a flashed firmware rookie and his is in the hands of Microsoft!Steven asked if myself and Small Jhon wanted spaghetti bolognese, we both agreed that would be lovely and we’d have a bowl full, Unbeknown to us Steven’s idea of cooking a bolognese is quite quite different to most other peoples, Don’t get me wrong, when it finally arrived it was lovely, the problem was that it took the best part of 2 hours to cook. Apparently “you have to let all the juices and flavours settle” or something like that, Still like i say it was dead nice and almost worth the wait!

Here’s a picture of Steve cooking the meal
Beer and Gworv arrived so we decided it was time to get down to the nitty gritty of winning some money! We we started with a fiver in each with the option to buy in more if you wanted, As normal Gav went out quickly and had to get another fiver out of his sky rocket as did Steve. Me and Beer were kicking it still with our initial fivers and eventually Gav and Steve’s second lot of fivers were lost! So with just 2 of us left we carried on playing with the blind going up and up, Somehow the conversation got on to reverse charges and we said that next time i was coming round to Steve’s that when i ring up for him to throw down the keys i should do it reverse charges! When he got the call he would obviously accept because its not something i would normally do and he would think that I’m in some kind of trouble, When he answers ill just ask for the keys to be chucked down!! He’s reading this now so its not gonna work is it?

Anyway the money went back and forth between me and Beer with us both having decent hands every now and again, Eventually i think we both decided to go for it and start betting bigger, I had a King and a seven and beer had some other pile of shite but he went all in so i did too……….. The flop bought out a King and a seven plus something else so i was laughing, The next 2 cards came out and Beer was gutted……………. I had won the lot and Beer was absolutely gutted and started harping on about being the chip leader for most of the night…………. Like i give a fuck, I had an extra 30 nugget in my back burner!!

Next morning me and Stevie went down to Gales for a dirty fry up and i ordered the number 1 which is a proper Widow Maker, Steve had the girlie number 2 which is only a heart attack! Decided to have a quid in the fruit machine as i was feeling a bit lucky after my poker win and low and behold i won another cheeky fiver out of it, result! I bid farewell to Steven and made my way back to Brockley Towers to meet up with Stacey, Jacob and all the rest of her family as they were down for the weekend

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