Record Breaker

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As Stacey’s Dad and family were down they wanted to have Jacob for the weekend so that me and Stace could have a lie in and they coupld spoil him! We obviously had a nice lie in and then rang to see where to meet them, They told us to make our way to Camden when we were ready and that they had some news for us…………… Jake was a record breaker and in the Guiness Book Of Records!! We left for Camden and on the way we discussed what it could possibly be for a 21 Month old boy to be in the record books. When we arrived at Camden we walked to the pub where we were meeting them and naturally i was offered all the drugs under the sun by odd looking fellows! Met with them in a bar next to the lock which was a good oppurtunity to get a couple of snaps on the N95 as well as find out about my llittle record breaker! It turns out that whilst on their way to Camden they saw a group of people gathering at Potters Field Park (the grass by Tower Bridge) and they went to investigate, They discovered that it was an attempt sponsored by Nectar to set the record for most people being simultaniously massaged for fiteen minutes. They set the target to do 154 people and Jacob (along with Stacey’s Dad, Step Mum, Brother and Sister) were each one of the 154, They also got a T-Shirt, mints and hand cream!After taking all that in and having a swift drink we went for a wander to find a bar that they passed on the way as it looked nice and was Cuban Themed! We popped in there for a drink to kill some time before we had to meet Chris and Stacey’s cousin for dinner at Marine Ices at 4pm. Another chance for photo or 2!

Got to the restaurant and were early so we flopped in to the pub next door for a quick one whilst we were waiting, Jenny and Jas turned up so we went to sit down for dinner. Marine Ices is always good and it didnt dissapoint………… I had a Banana Split for my pudding with the kids and Jacob had some kind of Chocolate Bomb…………. He loved it and was chanting Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm as he was stuffing his face!Me, Stace, Christopher, Jenny and Jas decided that we were gonna go out for a few more drinks in Camden as Jake was going back to stay at the hotel with Pat & Gill. We needed to get some money out and went to the cash machines on the corner…………. There are a total of 6 cash points within a 3 minute walk of each other and every single one of them apart from one had either run out of cash or simply wasnt working…………. What the fuck is that about!? So with no choice but to start queuing for the sole ATM that worked we took our place at the end. Chatting amongst ourselves like you do and having a bit of a giggle we were soon joined in our conversation by some odd looking chap in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that had emerged from the pub in the hunt of more cash so that he could buy more beer so that he could get more drunk and be more of a tit!! He informed us that he had been up since Friday night when he arrived at Camdens Underworld for a gig called Ninja Fest……….. He wasnt lying either, it really was called Ninja Fest! He picked a fight with a tramp who was asking for money next to the queue and it nearly kicked off which was amusing as i think the tramp would have probably killed him! Turns out his name was ian and he was 23 with a Provisional Drivers License! I of course asked him for a photo to which he replied no so i took my camera out my pocket anyway and pointed it at him which he responded to by posing…………. Obviously not a man of his word! After all that we were at the front of the queue so we got our cash out and proceeded to the Round House for a cheeky beverage or two. Had a few drinks in there and then decided it was time to go home as we all had work in the morning. All in all a good night was had by all…………… I wonder if Ian enjoyed himself at Ninja Fest…………. He said it was good so i imagine he probably did!

The Bridge Over Camden Lock

The Egans In A Pub Before Dinner

Ian Taking His Cash Out At The Only Working Cashpoint

Chris, Stacey, Jenny & Jas In The Worlds End

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