Theatre Blues

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It was Rachel’s Birthday on the Chris Moyles show today, They did all the usual Birthday stuff and the tedious link was Tiny Dancer by Elton John as its Rachels favourite and she cried, bit pathetic really i though but i did like the song so i downloaded it when i got home!

Had to go to a lovely place in the country down a windy country road which made a pleasant change from rincing round the motorways all the time.

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When i got to my appointment i was told that i had to get scrubbed up as i was going to be working in Theatres, They are surprsingly comfortable but make me look like an absolute tit!! Maybe ill get some for around the house where it doesnt matter what i look like………….. Stace might like some too!
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Got myself a cheeky Strawberry Milkshake from Maccy D’s on the way home…………. I was once told by a girl called Lisa that there is enough bacteria in a small McDonalds milkshake to kill a new born baby, i dont think i believe it but whenever i get one i think of it and always tell whoever im wih about it!

We all watched The Apprentice tonight that i recorded from last night, Alan Sugar is a bit of an idiot really, he gives them tasks to do that i dont suppose ho could do with a ridicolous timeframe to do them in, Anyway the big fat guy got fired and deservedly so because he was a nob!
Sigrun told me that Norway has more coast line than any other country in the world, i didnt believe her……….. looked it up and its true, all because of the fjords apparently!

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