We Didn’t Start The Fire

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Had to go to Twickenham today for work, bit of a shitty drive around the M25 but it was nice to see the National Rugby Stadium. I bought myself a tennis racket from JJB Sports in Isleworth, i got the Prince one that was reduced from 30 notes down to 25……… I do love a cheeky bargain!!

On the way home i rang Stace……….. She didn’t answer so i left a message with me singing the tune that Jacob’s Backyardigan toy sings “Everybody shout Ho Daddy, Ho Daddy……….. Surfs Up, Surfs up”!!

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire came on the radio so i had a good sing along trying to remember all the names in it…………………. I always get the Marylin Monroe bit right.

Saw a couple of very odd things on the way home the first being that when i pulled up at some traffic lights i decided to go in the left lane, there was a man in a van in front of me and 2 Rastas in a banged up old Metro alongside them in the other lane. The man in the van was smoking a fag with his window down, The Passenger Rasta wound down his window and asked the man in the van something, next minute the man in the van was handing the Rasta his half smoked fag much to his delight. The lights turned green and everyone drove off happy!

Getting deeper in to London and more traffic lights where i pull up alongside 2 women, they were incredibly huge and both smoking ridiculous amounts of fags with the windows down and stereo at full whack. I looked over and they were singing their fat hearts out to the song “We’ve got tonight, Who needs tomorrow” and then at the end of the chorus it says “Why don’t you staaaaaayyy“.

Got home, Made a home made lasagne from scratch for the first time ever, Chris and Stacey really liked it but i thought it tasted like shit, i think maybe they did too and they were just being polite but then again they did eat it all!

Played loads of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the X-Box, the games not great but its a proper easy 1000 gamer points!!

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